All employees who report improper governmental action in good faith or cooperate in the investigation of the report have the right to remain confidential unless a law requires disclosure.

  • All City departments, agencies and commissions must follow the State's public disclosure laws.
  • Under the Public Records Act, Ethics, as an investigative agency, can maintain confidentiality during our investigation.
  • If a Cooperating Employee requests confidentiality at the time the complaint is made or a statement taken, Ethics will not reveal the employee's identity unless ordered by a Court.
  • Most City departments are not investigative agencies. They have different disclosure requirements under Washington's Public Records Act. Check with your HR or your department's public disclosure officer to learn what can and cannot be kept confidential.

Call, visit or email Ethics. You can identify yourself or not,  it doesn't matter, we will honestly discuss your concerns with you.


Yes, you can report anonymously to Ethics.  If you choose anonymous reporting, it is important to provide as much detail in your report as you can.  

Ethics and Elections Commission

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The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission (SEEC) helps foster public confidence in the integrity of Seattle City government by providing education, training, and enforcement of the City's Code of Ethics and Whistle blower Code.