Waste Prevention at Work

Recycling and composting are great. But not creating waste in the first place is even better! To save money and do the greatest good for the planet and your customers, prevent waste first.

Learn why waste prevention matters. Visit the options below to learn more about how you can prevent waste at work.

  • buying and using less
  • buying and making products that last longer
  • buying used
  • using less packaging
  • choosing to repair and reuse
  • sharing, donating, or re-selling items so others can use them
  • processing and using food and yard waste onsite
Box of vegetables
Does your business have good food you won't be able to sell or use? Donate to help your community.
Woman carrying groceries in cloth bag
Plastic bags harm wildlife and more. Learn about bag requirements for businesses.
Person sanding reusable floor
Lots of options to reuse things like cabinets, wood flooring, and lumber. Choose salvage, not waste!


Woman handling printer paper tray
Interested in saving money by using less paper? Learn simple tips to help you get started.
Children playing on shared landscaped area
Attract more customers by using eco-friendly ways to manage pests and weeds.
Two people standing in front of the Refugee Artisan Initiative’s display
Have a waste prevention project idea? Apply for SPU’s community matching grant program.



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