This page provides information about what, why, and how to deconstruct buildings. For the purposes of this page, demolition refers to the removal of the entire structure, although in some cases the foundation may remain to stabilize a site.  Deconstruction, the systematic disassembly of buildings to maximize reuse, is gaining momentum as an alternative to demolition. Deconstruction has multiple benefits, such as capturing useful wood for incorporation into new buildings, avoiding stormwater and dust impacts from demolition, and sending less material to landfill.


For information on permitting and deconstruction, see Tip 337 Demolition and Deconstruction and view the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections Residential Deconstruction site.

Deconstruction Incentive Pilot Program

Starting in October 2022, Seattle Public Utilities, along with SDCI, started a pilot deconstruction incentive program to increase deconstruction projects and build familiarity with the process, gather data, and identify innovations. Deconstruction has multiple benefits such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced waste disposal, job creation, reduced stormwater pollution, and reuse of valuable building materials.

The pilot program provides $4,000 per deconstruction project. Eligible projects:

  • Are residential, wood-framed buildings
  • Must use an approved deconstruction contractor
  • Must be associated with the complete removal of a house or duplex
  • Require a demolition permit before work begins. Projects classified as alterations are not eligible
  • Historic landmarks are eligible, however, additional criteria will apply

Fill out a brief application to be included in the pilot. Applications will be reviewed and selected within approximately 7 business days from application date.

Approved Deconstruction Contractors

The following contractors have met minimum requirements established by Seattle Public Utilities for becoming an approved deconstruction contractor. The list of companies is not an endorsement by the City of Seattle.

Dedicated Deconstruction
Contact: Noel Stout
Phone: (206) 853-7451
Lic. No. DEDICDL891R1

RE-USE Consulting
Contact: Dave Bennink
Phone: (360) 201-6977
Lic. No. DECONSL873J3

Sledge Seattle
Contact: Ben Pearson
Phone: (206) 290-1773

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