Allee Elm

Ulmus parvifolia 'Emer II'

A vase shaped tree with small glossy green leaves that turn shades of yellow to pink in the fall. The tan, orange, and green patchwork bark provides year long interest and is quite stunning in the landscape. Toughness and pest resistance makes it all the more desirable.

Power Line Approved: No

Min. street tree planting width: 8 feet

Mature Height: 50 feet

Mature Spread: 30 feet

Tree Shape: Vase.

Where to Plant:
Great tree for your yard or in a planting strip without overhead power lines.

Small, glossy green leaves have a yellow to pink fall color.

Preferred Site Conditions:
Full sun. Adaptable to a wide range of soils. Tolerant of tough urban conditions but still in need of frequent watering to establish it.

Potential Problems:
Resistant to diseases and insects that plague other elms.

Minimum Planting Distances:

  • 15 feet from house or building
  • 3 ½ feet back from the face of the curb
  • 5 feet from underground utility lines
  • 10 feet from power poles
  • 7 ½ feet from driveways (10 feet recommended)
  • 20 feet from street lights and other existing trees
  • 30 feet from street intersections

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