Seattle's 2019 CTR Champions: Rapid Change, Great Opportunity

The CTR Champions program recognizes employers who achieve progress towards reducing their drive alone rates, provide innovative and comprehensive commuter programs to their employees, and show high levels of engagement with the program and their peers. The event is attended by hundreds of employer representatives, program administrators, and industry professionals.

At our most recent event themed "Rapid Change, Great Opportunity", we celebrated employers who have made significant investments in commuter benefits and programming during the Seattle Squeeze, a time of monumental transportation challenges to reduce single occupancy trips. We recognized 89 out of the nearly 300 CTR-affected employers in Seattle for their efforts to provide their employees with great transportation options. These employers reported the highest rate of transit, cycling, walking, carpool, vanpool, and telework. Our scoring system in 2019 highlighted companies that offer that most comprehensive suite of commuter benefits and demand management programming. Those benefits may include:

  • Availability of assistance from Employee Transportation Coordinators
  • Subsidies for ORCA, vanpool and carpool beneifts, bicycle incentives, and pre-tax transportation benefits
  • Use of telework, flecible scheudle, or offsite work locations
  • Carpool mathing, employer shuttles, and other off-site options
  • One site amentites like HOV parking, bike cages, and showers

Find out who was a CTR Champion in 2019 and in prior years.

SDOT and Commute Seattle award points to CTR-affected worksites at the end of every year based on their drive-alone rate performance and the quality of their programming. In 2019, we shifted from a permoance based point scale to one that rewards employers that went above and beyond in their programming efforts. Companies were awarded points based on the number and type of travel choices offered to their employees, rewarding those who offer the most impactful and comprehensive commuting programs. 

Winners of the Employee Transportation Coordinators were selected because of demonstrated excellence and particular efforts in key topic areas over the past year - including Seattle Squeeze efforts, creative commute solutions, and influence within their institutions

CTR Champions pro-actively implement strategies that foster progress towards their respective network's drive-alone rate target. Champions go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the CTR program to create work environments that encourage their employees to consider their transportation options and seek alternative commutes to driving their vehicles alone. Award winners demonstrate that they:

  • Know their network drive-alone rate target
  • Make use of best-practice strategies and elements such as joining an ORCA Business program, offering tax benefits and transit subsidies, giving employees telework or compressed work week options, and offering a Guaranteed Ride Home service
  • Stay in touch with SDOT and their Commute Seattle specialist. Working with SDOT and Commute Seattle can make it easier to follow CTR program requirements and succeed at meeting or exceeding drive-alone rate goals

Any site can work towards a Champions award.  Check out the following resources to see what actions you can take and to get some inspiration:


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