People Streets

Streets, alleys, and plazas are some of Seattle's greatest public space assets and many are available for people and community gatherings and other social uses. Permits for People Streets Program is completely free as part of our effort to foster public good in the public space throughout the city.

Specifically, our goals are to:

  • Make access to public right of way equitable across race and class
  • Encourage the use of the public right of way as shared spaces for activation
  • Promote the public right-of-way as a space for social interaction to build more resilient, connected, and compassionate communities
  • Provide excellent customer service to build trust and transparency with the communities we serve 

Block Parties and Play Streets

A woman playing an oversized game with two children in a street.

Turn non-arterial streets into great places for community gatherings by temporarily closing the road with a Block Party permit! With a free and simple Block Party permit, kids (and adults!) in your neighborhood can come together to play and socialize.

Learn about Block Parties and Play Streets!

Festival Streets

A large gathering of people in Canton Alley listening to a speaker.

Festival streets are designated portions of road intended for frequent community events. Depending on the scale of your proposed event, you may be eligible for a simple and free permit! Find out more about how you can have a festival street designated. 

Learn about Festival Streets!

PARK(ing) Day

A young woman decorating a parking space with chalk for PARK(ing) Day.

Every year, people around the world temporarily transform parking spaces into "people spaces". On the third Friday of September, PARK(ing) Day is an opportunity to re-imagine how streets can be used by the public. The initiative started as a grassroots movement meant to re-purpose public space, especially in areas where access to parks and open space is limited.

Learn more about PARK(ing) Day!

Street and Sidewalk Activities

A row of stalls along a street with people browsing the wares

With a street and sidewalk activity permit, your communities or organizations can enliven streets, alleys, or plazas with a variety of activities.

Get a Street and Sidewalk Activity permit!


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