Past Projects

2019-2021 Program Cycle Projects

2016–2018 Program Cycle Projects

The three cycles of NSF projects up until 2016 were funded by the Bridging the Gap (BTG) levy.

Neighborhood Street Fund Program Projects (with Bridging the Gap Funding 2013–2015)

Area Project Location Funding
Greater Duwamish Georgetown Festival Street 12th Avenue S between S Vale & S Bailey Streets $1,130,000
Northwest Greenwood Avenue N Sidewalk Greenwood Avenue N between N 92nd and N 97th streets; N 104th to N 105th streets $1,070,000
Magnolia / Queen Anne Lake To Bay Loop - Harrison Street Improvements W Harrison Street and 1st Avenue W; W Harrison Street and 2nd Avenue W $500,000
Greater Duwamish W Duwamish Trail Extension 8th Avenue S. from S Portland Street to S Kenyon Street $575,000
Southeast Rainier Beach Pedestrian Enhancements Rainier Avenue S between Seward Park Avenue S and Ithaca Place S $515,000
Downtown Pioneer Square Accessibility The Pioneer Square Historic District--locations on Yesler Way and sidewalk on S Jackson Street $407,000
East 12th Avenue Improvements 12th Avenue & E Howell Street; 12th Avenue & E Olive Street $385,000
Lake Union Waterway 22 Sidewalk Western side of Stone Way N, south of N 34th Street and the south side of N Northlake Way at Waterway 22 $290,000
Central 19th Avenue & E Union Street Improvements 19th Avenue at E Union Street; 19th Avenue at E Pike Street $235,000
Ballard W Woodland Elem Improvements 5-way intersection at 3rd Avenue NW, NW 56th Street, and NW 55th Place $150,000
Southeast Columbia City Sidewalk Ponding Repairs Rainier Avenue S between S Hudson and S Dawson streets $128,000
Central Dearborn & Rainier Multi-Modal Safety Rainier Avenue S and S Dearborn Street $115,000
Total $5,500,000

NSF Projects Selected for Funding in 2010

Area Project Location Funding
Lake Union Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N Intersection Improvements and Trail Improvements Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N; Fairview Ave N to E Blaine St $500,000
Greater Duwamish S Orcas Street Sidewalk S Orcas St between Beacon Ave S and the 28th Ave S $383,000
Central Garfield Superblock Pedestrian Crossing Improvements 23rd Ave S between E Jefferson St and E Terrace St $45,000
Northwest N 143rd St Sidewalk N 143rd St between Palatine Ave N and Aurora Ave N $552,000
Downtown Maynard Ave S widened sidewalk Maynard Ave S between S Jackson St and S Dearborn St $361,000
Northeast Ravenna Ave NE Sidewalk Ravenna Ave NE between NE 85th St and Lake City Way NE $650,000
Ballard 13th Avenue NW Sidewalks 13th Ave NW between NW 90th St and Holman Road; NW 90th St from 13th Ave NW to 14th Ave NW $200,000
Delridge 25th Avenue SW from SW Brandon St to SW Juneau St 25th Ave SW between SW Brandon St and SW Juneau St $501,000
Southeast S Othello Street pedestrian and bicycle facilities S Othello St between Seward Park Ave S and the Chief Sealth Trail $675,000
Southwest California Ave SW crossing improvements California Ave SW at SW Holden, SW Othello, SW Frontenac and SW Findlay Sts $112,000
North 33rd Avenue NE New Sidewalk 33rd Avenue NE between NE 125th St and NE 130th St $699,000
Total $4,678,000

NSF Projects Selected for Funding in 2007

Area Project Location Funding
Greater Duwamish Lander Festival Street S Lander St between 16th Ave S and 17th Ave S $150,000
Southwest Alki Sidewalk Alki Ave SW between 65th Ave SW and Beach Drive SW $600,000
Delridge Delridge Sidewalk 30th Ave SW between SW Brandon St and SW Juneau St $590,000
North Sacajawea Elementary Sidewalk 20th Ave NE between NE 96th St and NE 98th St $350,000
Northwest Greenwood Sidewalk Fremont Ave N between N 87th St and N 90th St $610,000
Northeast Thorton Creek Sidewalk NE 77th St between 40th Ave NE and 43rd Ave NE $400,000
Lake Union Eastlake Sidewalk E Newton St between Franklin Ave E and Eastlake Ave E $190,000
Central Jackson Place Traffic Calming 18th Ave S between S King St and S Lane St $580,000
Lake Union Wallingford Sidewalk Repair N/NE 45th St between I-5 and Stone Way N $420,000
Magnolia / Queen Anne Queen Anne Pedestrian Improvements Queen Anne Ave N at W Galer St, W Crockett St, and W McGraw St $280,000
Ballard Ballard Sidewalk Repair Ballard Ave NW $220,000
Central Central District Pedestrian Improvements Martin Luther King Jr Way between E Alder St and E Jefferson St $250,000
East First Hill Pedestrian Improvements 8th Ave between Marion and Cherry St $300,000
Downtown Belltown Pedestrian Improvements 3rd Ave between Battery St and Virginia St $400,000
Southeast Columbia City Pedestrian Improvements Rainier Ave S between S Edmunds St and S Hudson St $400,000
Total $5,740,000


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