Little Brook Healthy Street

More space to play in a healthy way

Updated April 18,  2024

What's happening now?

Thank you to all those that partipated in our in-person community engagement event at the Lake City Collective to look at new draft concepts for the Little Brook Healthy Street Pedestrian Plaza and designs for the Park redevelopment! We appreciate all your feedback.  The Little Brook Survey is now closed.  To view more information about this project  please visit the Seattle Parks and Recreation redvelopment page

Little Brook March 8

Little Brook Outreach March 8

Community engagement event at Lake City Collective in the Little Brook neighborhood on March 8. Photo Credit: SDOT

Little Brook Healthy Street Project map:

Map of Little Brook Healthy Street

Project overview

Stay Healthy Streets make it possible for people to walk, roll, and bike in the street while staying 6 feet apart during the COVID-19 pandemic. Installed as part of our emergency response to the pandemic in 2020, they also provide an opportunity to consider how they might improve communities beyond the pandemic.  

The Little Brook Stay Healthy Street was requested by neighbors. We installed it in April 2021 as a 3-month pilot. We extended the pilot through at least November. With the community organization Lake City Collective taking the lead, many neighbors are enjoying the extra space with activities like basketball, gardening, wellness classes, and movie nights. All are welcome to join. We're collecting input from neighbors about the Stay Healthy Street and whether it should be made permanent. 

We asked neighbors how the Little Brook Healthy Street is working for them and what they think of making it permanent. Here is a full report of the results. We collected 141 surveys (both paper and online) (99 in English, 40 in Spanish, and 2 in Amharic) with 81% in favor of making the Healthy Street space permanent.  You can find the survey summary here. Thank you to all the neighbors that have provided us with input and feedback!

Collage of images of people playing on the Stay Healthy Street

See more Little Brook Stay Healthy Street photos on our SDOT Flickr page.

Project map

Map above shows the space on 32nd Ave NE outside Little Brook Park is closed to vehicles and open for play. 

The Little Brook Neighborhood Greenway, on 32nd Ave NE between NE 143rd and NE 135th, is coming as early as fall 2022. To learn more about the project, please visit the project webpage here.  


April 2021: Installed pilot Stay Healthy Street

Summer/fall 2021: Heard from people on whether the Stay Healthy Street should become permanent 

Fall/winter 2021: Share next steps for the Little Brook Stay Healthy Street


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