AG 2001: SIP Interdepartmental Permit Coordination Process

Interdepartmental Coordination Process Overview

We have responded to the Mayor's executive order to align our permitting process for right-of-way improvement with the Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) process for private development. This will improve communication and coordination between city departments and allows you to: 

  • Receive consistent guidance on right-of-way improvements between the SDCI Design Review, Master Use Permit (MUP), and Street Improvement Permit (SIP) processes 
  • Avoid late identification of costly design requirements 
  • Reduce gaps and contradictory information from different departments 
  • Learn about street improvement requirements prior to applying for construction permits 
  • Plan project budgets and plans  

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Pre-Submittal/Intake Appointment

The Interdepartmental Coordination process aligns SDCI's with our permitting processes at the pre-submittal phase -- prior to the SDCI Construction Intake Appointment. Our preliminary assessment is based on the information included in the site plan submitted to SDCI and does not include the Street Improvement Plan review that occurs during the SIP permit review process. The services we offer as we coordinate with SDCI for projects include: 

  • Preliminary review of project information 
  • Provision of permitting requirements for work in the right-of-way (ROW). 
  • Attendance at the SDCI Pre-Submittal Conference
  • Responses and approval letters to SDCI Zoning correction notices for ROW improvements 
  • Coordination of work shown on SIP plans and SDCI MUP and Construction plans 
  • Evaluation of requests for exception from ROW improvement requirements and related recommendations to the SDCI Land Use Planner 
  • Participation in resolution of disagreements in technical and policy matters  

Once the above components are complete, you can submit a SDCI Preliminary Application Form and site plan for your proposed project. 

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Assessment of Project Requirements

Once you have submitted your project, we route this information to SDCI, SDOT, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), and Seattle City Light (SCL), to gather project requirements. 

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Preliminary Assessment Report

A consolidated list of city requirements is sent to you in the form of a Preliminary Assessment Report (PAR), which lists street improvement, drainage, and other City requirements. 

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Developmental Review

If a SIP is required, you must receive 30% approval on a Complete SIP prior to MUP issuance, and 60% approval prior to the SDCI construction intake appointment.  

  • SIPs are  reviewed by our Street Use Development Review team, who provide continuity of review from the project's PAR. The Development Review team confirms all Land Use code requirements are shown on the plans, coordinates guidance with the SDCI Design Review and Master Use Permit processes, and reviews some right-of-way improvement deviations. SIPs can be submitted digitally at 30% design to the Development Review team at the Seattle Services Portal. 

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SIP PM Review  

After 30% approval, SIPs are resubmitted digitally at 60% and passed to a Street Use SIP Project Manager. The Development Review staff assigned to the project at 30% will facilitate handoff and consistency of review.  

The SIP Project Manager will have five days from handoff to complete screening of the 60% plans. At this point, the PM may decide to require a Design Guidance Meeting (DG), or route the plans electronically for secondary review and then provide comments without a formal meeting.  

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Submission to SDCI

When all comments from the PM and any secondary reviewers are resolved, the PM will provide 60% approval and notify SDCI of the same.  

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SDOT Street Use Permit Counter: Call (206) 684-5283 or find Client Assistant Memos here  

SDOT Coaching at the DPD Applicant Services Center (ASC): Call (206) 684-5044 or email 

SDOT Street Use Street Improvement Permit website  

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