Client Assistance Memos

The following is a list of Client Assistance Memos (CAM) organized by subject area. The CAMs should not be used as a substitute for the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) or Director's Rules. The applicant is responsible for complying with all SMC and rule requirements, whether or not described in a CAM. Visit our Codes, Rules & Tools page for reference links. The SMC can be accessed directly at:

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General Information
Construction and Street Improvements
Urban Forestry
Public Space Management Uses
Utility Permits
Seattle Services Portal

General Information

CAM Title Date
CAM 2102 Certificate of Liability Insurance May 9, 2019
CAM 2106 Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Website December 5, 2017
See: Annual Vehicle Permit Requirements
CAM 2110 How to Plan, Document and Implement Pedestrian Mobility In and Around Work Zones December 5, 2017
CAM 2111 Checklist for Traffic Control Plan Submittal December 5, 2017
See: Temporary No Parking Zone Reservation
CAM 2116 Site Plan Requirements May 31, 2019
CAM 2117 Notification Requirements for Street Use Permittees January 9, 2018
CAM 2119 Electric Vehicle Charging Cord Guidance for Crossing the Public Right-of-Way (Ground Floor Residential Use)   October 1, 2019
CAM 2120 Yard Signs in the Public Right-of-Way Guidance October 25, 2019

Construction and Street Improvements

CAM Title Date
See: AG 2000: Street Improvement Permits
CAM 2201 90% Complete Street Improvement Plan Requirements December 7, 2017
CAM 2203 Dedication of Right-of-Way or Easement December 5, 2017
CAM 2204 Curb Cut/Driveway-Clearance to Vertical Objects December 5, 2005
CAM 2206 Interdepartmental Permit Coordination for New Construction Projects December 8, 2017
CAM 2208 Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair December 8, 2017
CAM 2209 Permitting Requirements for Street Improvements December 8, 2017
See: AG 2002: SIP Design Guidance Process
See: AG 2003: Survey and Basemap
CAM 2213 60% Street Improvement Plan (SIP) Approval Process December 8, 2017
CAM 2214 90% Street Improvement Plan (SIP) Intake Appointment and 90% Complete SIP Acceptance Processes December 8, 2017
CAM 2216 Street Improvement Permitting (SIP) Pre-Construction Process December 11, 2017
CAM 2217 SDOT Street Improvement Permitting (SIP) Inspections June 7, 2010

Urban Forestry

CAM Title Date
CAM 2300 Street Tree Planting Procedures December 11, 2017
CAM 2301 Guidelines for Affixing Decorative Lighting December 5, 2017
CAM 2302 Tree Pruning or Removal Permits December 11, 2017
CAM 2303 Tree Service Companies with an Annual Equipment Permit November 2017
CAM 2304 Planting Strip Paving & Tree Planting Rules February 4, 2020
CAM 2306 SDOT Green Factor Right-of-Way Permit December 11, 2017
CAM 2307 Public Notice Posting for Street Trees December 11, 2017
CAM 2308 Voluntary Curbside Rain Gardens December 5, 2017
CAM 2309 Voluntary Curbside Bioretention December 5, 2017

Public Space Management Uses

Check out our Applicant Guides for detailed information related to permitting requirements and processes for Public Space Management use types.

Utility Permits

CAM Title Date
CAM 2601 Pavement Restoration for Utility Service Connections December 5, 2017

Seattle Services Portal 

CAM Title Date
CAM 2800 Documents Required for the Seattle Services Portal

October 10, 2019


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