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What Is It?

The Fee Subtitle specifies fees and fee collection policies for all of our services. We charge fees to cover the costs of processing applications, inspecting and reviewing plans, and preparing detailed statements. The subtitle also specifies fees for testing, examination, registration, inspection, technology, and providing certain services or materials.

How To Pay Fees

Permits. You can't pay permit fees if your application is currently in review. You can pay many permit fees online with your credit card or trust account (if you've linked it) using the Seattle Services Portal. If you can’t pay online, you can:

  • Mail your payment to:
    City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
    Attention: Cashiers
    P. O. Box 34234
    Seattle, WA 98124-1234
  • Call (206) 386-9780 for assistance making your payment
  • Bring your payment to our information desk on the 4th floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower at 700 5th Avenue

Court orders, assessment, or judgments. Make payments to the court that issued the order.

Requests from collection agencies. Make payments to the collection agencies directly.

Invoices for annual inspection or certification. Pay invoices for annual inspection and certification of elevators, escalators, boilers, pressure vessels, or refrigeration per the instructions on your invoice. See How to Pay Fees for Boiler/Pressure Vessel, Elevator, or Refrigeration Inspections for more information.

Renewal of trade licenses. You can pay to renew your SDCI-issued trade license (boiler operator / supervisor, refrigeration, and gas piping) online by credit card using the Seattle Services Portal. You can only make online payments if 1) your current license is not more than 1 year past its expiration date, 2) your current license expires in 2 months or less, and 3) your boiler refresher training is up-to-date, if applicable.

Still need help? If you still need help making a payment, please email SCIaccounting@seattle.gov or leave a message at (206) 386-9780. You can also email Nuron Talavera (supervisor) or Collin Tam (manager) if you need assistance.

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Your calculated fees using our Fee Estimator may not be accurate if the values you enter are incorrect. We will accept intake fees that are reasonably close to the correct amount required. You must pay all fees in their entirety before we can issue your permit.

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