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The park design draws on the site's rich history and hydrological conditions. The park landscaping is young, but will grow to provide natural play in groves of trees at the northeast corner of the park and at the Hubbard homestead site. The park also includes a main lawn surrounded by meadow planting, a half basketball court, a hydro-seeded "wet meadow," and a gateway plaza at 112th Street and 5th Avenue.

The "wet meadow" offers a final natural bio-filtration for runoff and contributes to the health of Thornton Creek. The park paths help define and provide accessible connections to the main spaces within the park. The diagonal spring runnel that runs the length of the park represents the 'blue streak' which was the name of the first park and ride lot that occurred on this site.

The art, created by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, intends to re-invent the site's previous natural spring. The source stone is entitled "Mnemonic Spring" and the sculpture at 5th Ave. NE is entitled "Cloud Chamber."

The name Hubbard Homestead Park honors Harry Hubbard's family, homesteaders who lived at the site from 1913 - 1968. The Hubbards learned to love and value nature, and with this name the city honors their commitment to environmental conservation.

Current Project

Visit the Hubbard Homestead Play Area project page to learn more about this project.

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