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The grassy non-lifeguarded beach is surrounded by an old stone wall, which marked the shoreline before 1917 when the lake level was lowered nine feet by the construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. There is enough room for a volleyball net above and quiet picnics and sunbathing below. (Excerpt from Enjoying Seattle's Parks by Brandt Morgan)

Current Project

Denny Blaine Play Area

After hearing from many community members who participated in the community process on the proposed play area project at Denny Blaine Park, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) has decided not to move forward with the play area project at Denny Blaine Park. While this area of our city still lacks accessible play equipment for kids and families, we understand the feedback that this particular park is not the best location, and we will evaluate other location alternatives.  

Many members of the public spoke to the importance of this space and use as a beach, and the cohesion it has brought within the LGBTQIA+ community. Additionally, community spoke of the unintended consequences adding a play area to this beach site would possibly bring. This is why we have a robust community engagement process, ensuring all people – including those who have been historically marginalized – have their voices heard and perspectives considered. 

SPR is planning to meet with leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community to better understand the importance of this beach to the community and the hopes for future uses. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the  Dec. 6 meeting at the Martin Luther King FAME Community Center. 


Community Engagement and Early Design: Fall 2023

For more information or questions about the playground, please contact

Community Participation

Thank you to everyone who attended the  Dec. 6 meeting at the Martin Luther King FAME Community Center. 

View the Denny Blaine Park Public Meeting Presentation here.

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