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City Hall Park re-opened June 13, 2023

The one-acre City Hall Park is one of the largest green spaces in the downtown area. It creates a connection from downtown to Pioneer Square, with a small walking and sitting space filled with grass, trees, benches, small tables, and chairs.

Created in 1911, the park was substantially redesigned in 1917, 1963, and in a series of projects between 1967 and 1993. 

In 1883, King County acquired the site and built a wood courthouse. In 1891, the City of Seattle purchased the courthouse, renovated it, and added onto it, before seeking a new City Hall site in 1909. The old city hall was demolished, and the site transformed into a public park known as “Dilling Park” after Mayor Dilling, who advocated for the careful renovation of Seattle’s “only downtown park.”

In 1916, before the United States entered World War I, the King County Building (now known as the City-County Administration Building) was partially constructed just north of the park. As part of an agreement with the County, the City updated the park and with its completion, the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated a monument there commemorating the Battle of Seattle. During the 1930s during the Second World War, City Hall Park was used as a drill ground and outdoor recreation spot for the Seattle Air Defense Wing.

Current Project

Visit the City Hall Park and Vicinity project page for information about, and on how to participate in this project. The project aims to have an approved Schematic Design by end of 2023/ early 2024 that identifies the community's preferred upgrades to the park along with a phasing plan and budget. This is an important opportunity to provide input and get involved.

Downtown parks special events

Center City Parks are full of  arts, concerts, festivals and random acts of urban fun. Our park concierges have information to help you plan your visit and games so that you can play in the park. Learn more about downtown park events on our Downtown and Center City Parks page.

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