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Closure alert:
October 25, 2022: Due to fire damage, we have closed the playground until further notice.

This park serves as the back yard of Lake City Community Center and the Lake City Branch of the Seattle Public Library. Come and relax while your little ones enjoy the accessible sandbox, slide and whirl. An open plaza with multiple benches is a great place to read your library books you just checked out. The park features a memorial dedicated to Will Rogers, a Lake City resident, actor, and famed pilot. Perri Howard's sculptural piece Imbrication is installed in the park's walkway, adding wave forms and undulating shapes to the stately trees and wide walkways.

The park, a gift to the City in 1964, is named after Albert Davis, a Lake City community leader who died in 1971. Born in Buffalo, NY, in 1890, Davis was a charter member of the Lake City Western Vigilantes, which raises funds for youth activities, a member of the Keystone Kops, originated the annual salmon barbecue with his Secret Seasoning, spearheaded the Lake City Pioneer Days celebration, was active in the Youth Center, and served as the unofficial goodwill "ambassador-mayor" of Lake City. He was awarded the Golden Acorn award by the PTA in 1971, in recognition of his dedication and service to children and youth.

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