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Seattle is known for its natural beauty. Our parks and open space contribute to making this region a destination. There's a reason why Seattle often ranks as one of the most livable cities. We are surrounded by classic icons such as Mount Rainier, the Cascades, and the Space Needle. We also have our viewpoint parks. They may be lesser known, but they provide views that are just as breathtaking. As part of our 2018 work plan, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) has committed to reviewing and updating our viewpoint park policies. SPR developed a process that is inclusive and data-driven. It also includes an emphasis on data collection and research as well as a thorough assessment of our current practices and conditions of the viewpoint parks. Many of these viewpoints were established well over 100 years ago. They are important amenities and we want to ensure they are enjoyed for years to come.  

What was the Viewpoint Advisory Team?

Knowing that interest is high around our viewpoint parks, we convened a Viewpoint Advisory Team in 2018 to help develop options for next steps. The team focused on specific strategies to enhance the sustainability and character of viewpoint parks from a visual, historical, and environmental management standpoint. The group also considered options for additional funding, if warranted, to support the desired maintenance and enhancement of the public views. 

This Working Group met over the course of four meetings beginning in September 2018, and was charged with developing a set of options for the Superintendent and the Board of Park Commissioners that provided a feasible and equitable approach to preserving, and maintaining our viewpoint parks. 

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