Don Armeni Boat Ramp Improvement

Updated: February 27, 2024

Early 2024

American Construction mobilized onsite Jan. 16, with the goal of being completed with one dock/float by Feb. 15 ( the end of the fish window for Elliot Bay). The south float/dock was removed at the beginning of the construction project leaving the north float/dock open for public use. When they were driving the final piles for the north and south floats the contractor hit unexpected and unusual conditions of 10+ ft of buried lumber and debris. After removing many truckloads of this material, the decision was made to stop further removals due to the danger of undermining the new boat ramp. This resulted in not installing the final piles for the north and south docks/floats. Unfortunately, this occurred right before the US Army Corps of Engineers permit “fish window” expired on Feb. 15. As some of the old north timber piles had to be removed to accommodate the installation of the new piles, the north float system could not be safely left in that poor condition unsupervised until summer. Therefore, the north floats and remaining old timber piles had to be removed before sunset on Feb. 15., which is the last day this work could be performed until summer. This unfortunately left the boat ramp without a working float system, but we could not allow the potentially unsafe condition to remain.

After consulting with various engineers from the float fabricator to the designer of record and the Corps, we learned we could remove the old/existing floats on the north and work to install the six floats planned to be installed on the south dock. Our goal is to install these south dock floats the week of Feb. 26, assuming there are no weather-related delays and the remainder of the north floats (6 or 7) in March. No float/dock will be available for launching boats between Feb 15 and early March, however, boaters can put their boats in without floats during non-working hours.

The nearest saltwater ramp managed by Seattle Parks and Recreation is Eddie Vine Boat Ramp in Ballard at 8001 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117, just south of Golden Gardens.

The permit, NWS-2018-1191-WRD - Don Armeni, has been under review since early June 2021 and has been moved forward for Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation.
See permit drawings here.

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office Boating Facilities Grant and Seattle Parks and Recreation fund this project.


Don Armeni Boat Ramp, 1222 Harbor Ave SW, 98116


The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office Boating Facilities Grant and Seattle Parks and Recreation fund this project.


Design: Current
Bidding: Early 2023
Construction: Early 2024

Project Description

Renovate existing failing two boat ramps. Scope of work includes, demolition of existing concrete abutment, pile driving and installation of steel piles, installation of new concrete abutment, procuring and installation of concrete floating docks and hardware.

Parks and Recreation

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