Magnolia Community Center Stabilization

Updated: February 22, 2024

Community Center Stabilization

Magnolia Community Center was identified in the 2016 Community Center Strategic plan for a major maintenance project focused on extending the life of the facility and increasing programming potential.

Work includes roof replacement and structural/seismic enhancements for gym, access to roof, fall restraints, structural improvements, window replacement/upgrade for multipurpose rooms, hallway and front entry floor replacement, restroom remodel, accessibility improvements, wheelchair lift between lobby and gym, electrical upgrades, exit signage, ventilation improvements, and kitchen remodel. 

Construction is planned to start in early 2024. The facility will be closed a minimum of a year during construction for the extensive building and accessibility upgrades.  

Community Center Stabilization Frequently Asked Questions


While we expect this work to close the center for a portion of time, a priority of the project will be to minimize the impact to programming.

Planning: 2017
Design & Permitting: 2017- 2023
Construction: March 2024 – Fall 2025

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