Independent Contractor Protections Ordinance

Ordinance SMC 14.34

Rules: SHRR Chapter 220 (Administrative Rules) 

Rules: SHRR Chapter 140 (Complaint Procedure) 

Independent Contractor Protections Notice of Rights 

Independent Contractor Protections Model Pre-Work Written Notice 

Independent Contractor Protections Model Written Notice – Itemized Payment Information 

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On June 14, 2021, Seattle City Council passed SMC 14.34, the Independent Contractor Protections (ICP) Ordinance. This ordinance requires covered hiring entities to provide independent contractors with disclosures prior to entering a contract and at the time of payment. In addition, hiring entities must provide timely payment under the terms of a contract, the terms of the pre-contract disclosure, or within 30 days of contract performance. The ordinance goes into effect on September 1, 2022.

The ordinance requires commercial hiring entities to provide self-employed independent contractors with: 

  • notice of rights under the ICP ordinance, before the independent contractor begins work. 
  • A pre-work written notice that identifies the proposed terms and conditions of work and the terms and conditions of payment before starting work. 

  • Timely payment in accordance with the terms and conditions of the pre-work written notice or contract. 

  • If left unspecified, then provide payment within 30 days after the completion of services under the contract.

  • A written notice that gives specific itemized payment information each time that payment is made.   

Note: ICP does NOT require any specific terms or conditions for the pre-work written notice or contract. 

Who is Covered? 

Self-employed independent contractors who:  

  1.  have no employees, 

  2. perform any part of their work in Seattle for a commercial hiring entity, AND  

  3. will receive or may reasonably expect to receive at least $600 in total compensation from the hiring entity between January 1 and December 31 in a given year.  

Timeline for compliance 

  1. Hiring entities that have an independent contractor already working for them as of September 1, 2022 must provide the required notice of rights and pre-work written notice to the independent contractor either by September 30, 2022 or by the date of compensation, whichever date is sooner. 

  2. Hiring entities that hire an independent contractor on or after September 1, 2022, must provide the required notice of rights and pre-work written notice before the independent contractor begins work for the hiring entity. 

  3. Hiring entities must provide the required written notice that gives specific itemized payment information each time payment is made to the independent contractor.

Contact OLS 

  • Hiring Entities:Hiring Entities may contact OLS to request translation of model notices, assistance with compliance, or training via the Employer Inquiry form 

  • Independent Contractors: Covered independent contractors have a right to make a complaint with OLS or file a lawsuit if a hiring entity violates this law. Independent contractors may file a complaint with OLS or ask a question via the Worker Inquiry form

Workplace Poster and Other Resources: OLS provides multiple resources on this law, including: Notice of Rights workplace poster, Model Pre-Work Written Notice, Model Written Notice – Itemized Payment Information, and Fact Sheet. The most updated resources can be found for download on this page or on our Resources page. Many resources, including the Notice of Rights workplace poster and model written notices, will also be available in Spanish and multiple other languages on the Language Access pages. A recorded webinar on the Independent Contractor Protections Ordinance is available on our Training page.

Translations: ICP Fact Sheets are available in Amharic, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrigna, Vietnamese on the OLS Languages webpage.

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