Equity & Environment

Working at the intersection of racial equity and the environment, Seattle is advancing our understanding of who is and is not benefiting from Seattle's environmental progress. We are focusing on lifting up community-based solutions and creating opportunities for communities of color, immigrants, refugees, people with low-incomes and limited-English proficiency individuals to be leaders in Seattle's environmental movement.

Equity & Environment Initiative

Equity & Environment Initiative

A partnership of the City, the community, several City departments, and private foundations to deepen Seattle's commitment to race and social justice in environmental work.

Equity & Environment Initiative

Green New Deal 

The Green New Deal for Seattle seeks to advance an equitable clean energy transition and prioritize economic opportunities and investments in communities historically most harmed by economic, racial, and environmental injustices.

Equity & Environment Initiative

Environmental Justice Committee

The Environmental Justice Committee (EJC) supports City staff in creating and advancing environmental programs with strong ownership and collaboration from communities of color and connections to community-based solutions.

Duwamish Valley Program

Duwamish Valley Program

A multi-departmental collaborative effort that advances the City's environmental justice and equitable development goals in the Duwamish Valley, with an emphasis in the South Park and Georgetown neighborhoods.

Sustainability and Environment

Jessyn Farrell, Director
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We collaborate with City agencies, business groups, nonprofit organizations, and other partners to protect and enhance Seattle's distinctive environmental quality and livability.