U District Station

Review Status

We have reviewed the U District Station at the concept design and schematic design phases in 2011 and 2012, respectively. On January 7, 2016, we reviewed and approved the design development phase for the U District Station. We will have an administrative review for the public artwork program, but will not review the project in its entirety again.

Project Description

Located on Brooklyn Ave NE between NE 45th St and NE 43rd St, U District Station will serve the surrounding residential community, the "Ave" business district, other employment sites, UW Tower, and the northern part of the University of Washington campus.

Originally known as "Brooklyn Station" during earlier planning stages, its official name is now U District Station. Riders will board trains underground. The station will have 100 bike parking spaces and two entrances along Brooklyn Ave NE, each with elevators, escalators, and stairs. The site is designed to accommodate future development above the station. When the station opens, riders will be able to travel to the airport in 41 minutes and to Northgate in about 5 minutes.

January 7, 2016

July 2, 2015

May 17, 2012

June 2, 2011

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