UW Light Rail Station

Sound Transit

University of Washington Station is part of the University Link Extension that runs north from downtown Seattle through 3.3 miles of twin-bored tunnels via the Capitol Hill Station. Sound Transit's vision for the University Link Extension began with the initial planning phase starting in the late 1990's with final design beginning in 2007. Situated immediately adjacent to the athletic facilities, the location is well-placed to serve the University campus at large with a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. A pedestrian bridge connects the station to the University of Washington campus.The above-grade portion of University Station comprises a 2-level, glass-clad entrance structure, with views to the UW campus, Lake Washington and Mount Rainier. The pedestrian and bicycle bridge connects to the station in three ways: to the upper level of the station entrance structure; a bicycle ramp that descends gradually to the plaza; and a wide stair integrated with the bridge's pedestrian lane. At grade, the entrance structure opens to a plaza that unifies the complex activities surrounding Husky Stadium. The scale of the plaza accommodates large crowds attending Husky football games and events at the Alaska Airlines Arena. Departing crowds can queue efficiently on the plaza, allowing station operators to control the pace of patrons entering the station.At the heart of the station experience, the escalators and glass elevator pass through a 55-foot high central chamber, one of the highest interior volumes in the city. LMN Architects and artist Leo Saul Berk collaborated to create an integrated experience for travelers, where the architecture seamlessly merges with his artwork, Subterraneum, that expresses the geological layers of soil surrounding the station walls.Back lit, perforated metal panels clad the chamber walls, forming patterns of light that express the geological layers of earth, and suffuse the space with ambient light. The vertical angle of the chamber walls changes along the long axis, creating a twisting volume that offers varying views of the artwork from different vantage points on the escalators passing through the space. Various vantage points at the mezzanine and at the bottom of the chamber offer a chance to take in the views in a more static way. Glass end-walls take on the skewed shape of the chamber and provide a preview of the experience from the platform.


  • Sound Transit

Design Team

  • Northlink Transit Partners
  • McMillen Jacobs Associates
  • HNTB
  • LMN Architects
  • KPFF
  • Swift Company
  • Grijalva Engineering
  • Moniz Art & Architecture
  • Dr G Sauer Corporation
  • Lerch Bates Inc.
  • The Greenbusch Group
  • Light Wire
  • TrueNorth
  • LTK Engineering Services
  • Hoffman Construction Company


  • Leo Saul Berk

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