Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

Seattle Department of Transportation

The vision of the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) is to create a bicycle network that is an integral part of daily life for people of all ages and abilities. The BMP summarizes the way that Seattle will accommodate people who would like to ride a bike for any trip purpose throughout the city. The phrase "all ages and abilities" is a common theme used throughout the planning process and within the plan itself. This means planning for all potential users of the network, not just niche riders that are comfortable riding a bicycle in shared lanes with vehicles. The BMP focuses on addressing trails, protected bicycle lanes, and neighborhood greenways. The goal of the BMP is to encourage higher ridership, and provide safe connections important destinations throughout the city.Over the next 20 years, Seattle will add 120,000 new people and 115,000 jobs within city limits. Key to accommodating this growth will be increasing bicycle investments as well as nurturing Seattle's bicycle culture in a manner that purposefully benefits the city's livability, affordability, public health, economic competitiveness, and natural environment. The BMP charts a path to these outcomes.The BMP recommends 100 miles of protected bicycle lanes, 250 miles of neighborhood greenways and 79 miles of trails to complete the "all ages and abilities" vision. The plan also recommended an implementation plan that will allow SDOT to be more transparent about the upcoming 5-year bicycle facility implementation and program work plan.


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