Honorable Mention - Leaves of Remembrance

WHEEL, Homeless Remembrance Project

The Homeless Remembrance Project was founded in 2003, and is a collaborative effort of homeless women, faith community leaders, designers, artists, social service providers and other friends led by the homeless women's organizing effort, WHEEL (Women's Housing, Equality and Enhancement League). Project members have formed unique, unprecedented partnerships and relationships with City Departments and fostered strong and connected communities as they organized, neighborhood by neighborhood, housed and homeless people working together, to place "Leaves of Remembrance" throughout the City. This work has knitted together social service agencies, businesses and other places of importance to the homeless community while reaching out to a larger audience.


  • Homeless Remembrance Project

Project Team

  • Carol Cameron
  • Jan Gleason
  • Dakota Keene
  • Karen Kiest
  • Kim Lokan
  • Mark Millett
  • Clark Wiegman

Visit the Homeless Remembrance Project page for further information.

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