Thomas Street Redefined

Review Status

On March 3, 2022 we reviewed the schematic design (60% design phase) for the Thomas Street Redefined project. The SDC voted 3-2 to approve the schematic design with one condition and several recommendations. The project will be reviewed again at the design development phase (90% design) following a subcommittee review addressing the condition of approval.

Project Description

The Thomas Street Redefined project includes urban design, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements along Thomas St between 5th Ave N and Eastlake Ave E as well as between Seattle Center and the Waterfront Greenway. The project builds upon and reflects significant changes made to the 2013 Thomas Green Street Concept Plan. Our review will focus on the proposed design along Thomas St between 5th Ave N and Dexter Ave N.  Key project elements include a half block closure at 5th Ave N and Thomas St to create a public plaza, wide pedestrian and bicycle promenade along the north edge of Thomas St, and a protected intersection at Dexter Ave N and Thomas S.  Additional design elements include street trees, vegetated areas, pedestrian seating, and unique paving.  

March 3, 2022

February 6, 2020

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