Freeway Park Improvements

Review Status

On March 3, 2021, we reviewed the schematic design (60% design phase) for the Freeway Park Improvements project.  At this meeting we voted to approve the schematic design with several recommendations to be addressed prior to the next meeting.  We will review the project again at the design development phase (90% design phase).

Project Description

Opening in 1976, Freeway Park provides over 5 acres of open space within the Downtown area.  The park also provides a connection between Downtown, First Hill, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods.  Since its construction the park has continued to evolve with trees and vegetation having matured within the park boundaries while high rise development has occurred around the park's edge, creating several design and programmatic challenges.  The Freeway Park Improvements project builds upon previous work conducted by Freeway Park Association to repair, restore, and enhance infrastructure and design elements within Freeway Park.  The project will focus on improving park wide elements such as wayfinding, park entrances, and lighting as well as design elements that are unique to specific areas within the park.  

March 4, 2021 Meeting

April 2, 2020 Meeting

December 19, 2019 Meeting

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