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The Seattle Design Commission was established in 1968 to advise the Mayor, City Council, and City departments on the design of projects located on City land, in the City right-of-way, or constructed with City funds. We provide key recommendations on the aesthetic, environmental, and design principals and policies applied to these projects. Typically we review the following types of projects:

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects - CIP projects are City-funded, built on City property, or require a City approval. Typical CIP projects include parks, fire stations, police stations, libraries, and other public facilities.
  • Right-of-Way (ROW) projects - The Commission reviews private projects that request the vacation of city-owned ROW such as a street or alley. The Commission also reviews skybridges and other private project that are located within or cross city owned ROW.
  • Major Projects & Plans - The Commission plays an important role in the review of major projects such as Waterfront Seattle and SR 520 transportation project.

In 2020, we reviewed more than 25 projects throughout the City with a combined value of $1.6 billion.  Our reviews focused on large and small investments throughout the City.  Click here for more information on projects reviewed in 2020. Please see below or information on projects reviewed in previous years.

Both current projects and previous project reviewed by The Commission are displayed on the interactive map (located to the right). Click on a project for more information.

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Seattle Design Commission

Address: 600 4th Avenue, 5th Floor, Seattle, WA, 98124
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 94788, Seattle, WA, 98124-7088
Phone: (206) 684-0435

The Seattle Design Commission advises the Mayor, City Council, and City departments on the design of capital improvements and other projects and policies that shape Seattle's public realm.