Media Mentions

Title Source Date Issue(s)
With Future of Tiny Houses Up In the Air, Advocates Push for Action This Year PubliCola 2021/09 Homelessness
Seattle City Council splits $15 million in savings from officer departures between police, other strategies The Seattle Times 2021/09 Public Safety
Seattle council leaves grocery store hazard pay in place indefinitely My Northwest 2021/09 Workers' Rights, COVID Relief
Seattle City Council shields JumpStart tax revenue, creates new budget-forecasting office The Seattle Times 2021/08 Budget, Progressive Revenue
Seattle’s longstanding ‘urban village’ strategy for growth needs reworking, new report says The Seattle Times 2021/07 Zoning
City Council completes framework for Seattle’s new tax on largest companies with fund for housing, small business, Green New Deal, and equitable development CHS Capitol Hill Seattle 2021/07 Budget, Progressive Revenue
Goodbye, Single-Family Zoning… Hello Neighborhood Residential Zoning? The Urbanist 2021/07 Zoning
No more ‘single-family’ zoning? Name change proposed by West Seattle-residing Councilmember Teresa West Seattle Blog 2021/06 Zoning
OPINION: Our Common Responsibility: Addressing Homelessness Post-COVID Harvard ALI Social Impact Review 2021/06 Homelessness
Durkan Again Delays Racial Equity Analysis of Seattle Growth Strategy The Urbanist 2021/06 Housing, Zoning
Seattle City Council approves plan to spend $128 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds The Seattle Times 2021/06 Budget, COVID Relief
King County judge tosses out chamber of commerce challenge to Seattle’s ‘JumpStart’ payroll tax The Seattle Times 2021/06 Progressive Revenue
Seattle Rescue Plan Funds Permanent Stay Healthy Streets, Homeless and Housing Priorities The Urbanist 2021/06 Budget, COVID Relief
Seattle city officials announce 'Seattle Rescue Plan' to aid in coronavirus recovery KOMO 2021/05 Budget, COVID Relief
Seattle's COVID relief money to focus on direct aid, housing Crosscut 2021/05 Budget, COVID Relief
No Depression: What’s in the $128.4M Seattle Rescue Plan for COVID-19 recovery — $49M for housing and homelessness, ‘direct cash assistance,’ small biz support, and cash for Stay Healthy Streets CHS Capitol Hill Seattle 2021/05 Budget, COVID Relief
City’s Finance and Housing Committee hears Seattleites’ opinions about spending federal relief funds Real Change 2021/05 Homelessness, Budget
Five months and $100,000 later, Seattle City Council asks: Where are the street sinks? The Seattle Times 2021/05 Homelessness, Budget
Local Leaders and Organizations Respond to Guilty Ruling in Murder of George Floyd South Seattle Emerald 2021/04 Public Safety
Seattle starts ball rolling on process to sort out spending plan for expected $239M in American Rescue Plan Act funds Capitol Hill Seattle Blog 2021/03 Budget, COVID Relief
Seattle City Council Relaxes Rules for Microbusinesses, Such as Home Kitchens Eater Seattle 2021/03 Land Use, COVID Relief
Seattle officials hope federal government reimburses funds for homeless hotels KOMO News 2021/03 Homelessness
Seattle’s homeless ‘shelter surge’ unveiled with fewer shelter beds, more questions The Seattle Times 2021/03 Homelessness
Seattle is state’s leader on climate-friendly building codes; new standards start March 15 KNKX 2021/02 Energy, Climate
Trader Joe's goes nationwide with Seattle $4 hourly grocery hazard pay King 5 2021/02 COVID Relief
These cities want to give grocery store workers hazard pay CNN 2021/02 COVID Relief
New Seattle Bill Gives Hazard Pay to Local Grocery Store Workers Eater Seattle 2021/01 COVID Relief
Seattle City Council approves bringing $4/hour hazard pay back for grocery workers King 5 2021/01 COVID Relief
Seattle City Council approves $4 per hour mandatory pay boost for grocery workers during COVID-19 pandemic The Seattle Times 2021/01 COVID Relief
Seattle City Council cuts police department budget nearly 17 percent The Hill 2020/10 Budget
Seattle City Council OKs Budget With Nearly 20% Police Cut Associated Press 2020/10 Budget
Whew, at Least the Seattle City Council Passed That COVID-19 Relief Package This Summer The Stranger 2020/10 Budget
Seattle City Council proposes package of changes to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 2021 budget plan The Seattle Times 2020/10 Budget
Seattle Gets Improved Revenue Forecast, Mosqueda Prepares to Release Budget The Urbanist 2020/10 Budget
As Seattle struggles to meet larger Black Lives Matter goals, city will transfer two more Central District properties to community ownership Capitol Hill Seattle 2020/10 Equitable Development
OPINION: How we can build equity and economic recovery in Seattle’s 2021 budget South Seattle Emerald 2020/10 Budget
Seattle council members raise questions, concerns about Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 2021 budget plan Seattle Times 2020/10 Budget
Debate over Uber and Lyft driver pay comes to a head as Seattle prepares to set minimum wage GeekWire 2020/09 Workers’ Rights
Struggling small restaurants defend JumpStart tax after Seattle chamber files lawsuit Seattle Times 2020/12 Progressive Revenue
What Seattle’s new payroll tax says about the city’s politics Crosscut 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
City council fuels Seattle's Green New Deal with JumpStart tax Crosscut 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
This is how the Seattle City Council may spend emergency reserves and proceeds from business tax Seattle Times 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
Call it the ‘boss tax:’ Seattle finally finds a potent way to tax the rich Seattle Times 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
Seattle City Council passes ‘JumpStart’ tax on high salaries paid by big businesses Seattle Times 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
Seattle City Council passes tax on big businesses KUOW 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
Seattle City Council Passes “Historic” Big Business Tax South Seattle Emerald 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
Seattle council passes landmark big business tax proposal My Northwest 2020/07 Progressive Revenue
Seattle City Council members oppose order blocking crowd-control weapons ban, as police chief promises no tear gas use Seattle Times 2020/07 Public Safety
Seattle councilmember: SPD compelling media to hand over footage is 'abhorrent' My Northwest 2020/07 Public Safety
Seattle Council begins inquest into SPD budget amid calls to defund the police KIRO 2020/06 Public Safety
Seattle City Council starts ‘inquest’ into police budget, resumes talks on ‘Amazon Tax’ Seattle Times 2020/06 Public Safety
Seattle City Council starts ‘inquest’ into police budget, resumes talks on ‘Amazon Tax’ Seattle Times 2020/06 Public Safety
Seattle City Council approves paid sick days for gig drivers during the coronavirus emergency Seattle Times 2020/06 Workers’ Rights
Mosqueda introduces bill to require paid sick & safe time to some gig workers SCC Insight 2020/05 Workers’ Rights
Seattle council to consider restricting encampment removals, concerned about coronavirus spread The Seattle Times 2020/05 Homelessness
Seattle Identifies Millions in Federal Funding, Secures Bulk for Rental Assistance The Stranger 2020/04 COVID Relief
Cities, Legislatures Learn to Govern by Conference Call The Pew Charitable Trusts 2020/03 Government
Seattle to give $5 million in grocery vouchers amid coronavirus outbreak King 5 2020/03 COVID Relief
Women Leaders NW Asian Weekly 2020/03 Government
Homeless amid the coronavirus outbreak Al Jazeera 2020/03 Homelessness
Uber, Lyft, DoorDash react to coronavirus, workers say it's not enough CNBC 2020/03 Workers’ Rights
Coronavirus: Seattle Officials Prepare Shelters for Area Homeless Gov Tech 2020/03 Homelessness
As coronavirus spreads, some can’t afford a sick day Crosscut 2020/03 Workers’ Rights
Officials and shelters prepare for coronavirus in Seattle-area homeless population as illness brings more deaths Seattle Times 2020/03 Homelessness
Council Grills Navigation Team on Low Success Rate, Suggesting That $8 Million Might Be Better Spent on Shelter Publicola 2020/02 Homelessness
One of North America’s Boldest Housing Initiatives Has Reached Its End: Did It Work? Sightline Institute 2020/02 Housing
Photos From Last Night's 17,000-Person Bernie Sanders Rally in Tacoma The Stranger 2020/02 National Issues
Seattle City Council to Washington state lawmakers: Don’t take away city’s ability to tax big businesses Seattle Times 2020/02 Progressive Revenue
New Yorkers 'Have the Opportunity Seattle Didn't' as They Prepare for War With Amazon Gizmodo 2019 Progressive Revenue
During visit to New York, Seattle councilmember says Amazon didn't keep its word King 5 2019 Progressive Revenue
Seattle officials visit New York with warnings about Amazon: ‘They thought they could bury us’ Geekwire 2019 Progressive Revenue
Seattle Outlaws Subminimum Wage for People with Disabilities Seattle Met 2019 Workers’ Rights
Seattle bans 'subminimum wages' for people with disabilities KUOW 2019 Workers’ Rights
Seattle City Council passes new labor standards for domestic workers Curbed 2019 Workers’ Rights
Jayapal, Mosqueda: The time is now for a federal domestic workers bill of rights Crosscut 2019 Workers’ Rights
Seattle passes bill of rights for domestic workers KIRO 7 2019 Workers’ Rights
Report: Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis Requires Federal and Local Cooperation U.S. News 2019 Housing
Seattle council adopts hotel-worker protections after voter-approved law was nixed in court Seattle Times 2019 Workers’ Rights
Seattle City Council passes new protections for hotel workers over industry objections Crosscut 2019 Workers’ Rights
Coming soon for Seattle city workers facing harassment: an advocate Crosscut 2018/12 Safe Workplaces
Seattle approves new office to help city employees with workplace harassment, discrimination Seattle Times 2018/12 Safe Workplaces
Washington Supreme Court rules against initiative to block public funding of safe-injection sites Seattle Times 2018/12 Public Health
Seattle’s radical plan to fight big money in politics Vox 2018/11 Democracy Vouchers
Episode 873: The Seattle Experiment Planet Money | NPR 2018/11 Democracy Vouchers
City says legal fight cost Seattle 717 affordable homes Crosscut 2018/11 Housing Affordability
Council approves Seattle's $6.9 billion budget with emphasis on homelessness KOMO 2018/11 Homelessness
Seattle City Council approves $5.9 billion budget for 2019-2020 KING 2018/11 Budget
Seattle City Council confirms Debra Smith as new City Light boss in wake of billing problems Seattle Times 2018/10 Seattle City Light
Disposition Policy: Let's Put Underused Public Land to Use as Affordable Housing Urbanist 2018/10 Housing Affordability
Seattle wants to give away land for Housing Affordability Crosscut 2018/10 Housing Affordability
Open thread: What does your dream bike network look like? Curbed Seattle Transportation
To Help the Homeless, Seattle Will Tax Big Companies Like Amazon and Starbucks Governing Homelessness
Council embarks on update to Seattle City Light strategic plan SCC Insight Energy
Is Google Underreporting Political Ad Spending by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan? Slog Transparency
Rentberry sues city of Seattle over ban on rent bidding sites, alleging free speech violations Geekwire Housing Affordability
Rentberry sues Seattle over temporary rent-bidding ban Curbed Seattle Housing Affordability
Moratorium on rent-bidding sites gets challenged in court SCC Insight Housing Affordability
Lawsuit Claims Rent-Bidding Moratorium Violates Landlords’ Free Speech Rights Slog Housing Affordability
Council member says money spent last year got 5,000 homeless off street, but some only temporarily Q13 Homelessness
Seattle passes head tax on large businesses to fight homelessness Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter Homelessness
Mosqueda proposes moratorium on public land sales KIRO 7 Housing Affordability
Top Urbanist Actions: Rally to Save the Basic Bike Network The Urbanist Transportation
Take 5: Council member responds to head tax criticism KING 5 Homelessness
Six Things to Think About When Thinking About the Head Tax The C Is for crank
Amazon’s number: Inside the battle over Seattle’s head tax The Seattle Times Homelessness
Construction inflation could complicate Seattle head tax spending KING 5 Homelessness
Seattle’s head-tax fight goes to the next round: How best to solve homelessness? The Seattle Times Homelessness
Weekend talks produce scaled-down head tax; Seattle City Council set to vote Monday The Seattle Times Homelessness
Seattle Unanimously Passes an 'Amazon Tax' to Fund Affordable Housing CityLab Homelessness
Seattle's tax on Amazon to help homeless may fall... Daily Mail Online Homelessness
Seattle passes a smaller version of the 'Amazon tax’ CNN Money Homelessness
Seattle backs tax on companies like Amazon to help homeless Fox Business Homelessness
Seattle backs tax on companies like Amazon to help homeless News & Observer Homelessness
Seattle passes new tax on large companies despite Amazon’s howls of protest TechCrunch Homelessness
To Help the Homeless, Seattle Will Tax Big Companies Like Amazon and Starbucks Governing Homelessness
Seattle OKs taxing companies like Amazon to aid the homeless AP Homelessness
Seattle backs `head tax´ on large companies like Amazon... Daily Mail Online Homelessness
Seattle passes $47.5M business tax Crosscut Homelessness
Seattle City Council Passes Reduced Head Tax Seattle Weekly Homelessness
Controversial Head Tax Passes After Weeks of Bruising Debate The C Is for crank Homelessness
Despite threat of veto, Council pushes forward $75 million tax Crosscut Homelessness
Controversial $500 head tax moves forward; mayor may veto KOMO Homelessness
Seattle employee head tax vote expected today KING 5 Homelessness
Seattle City Council North Seattle Town Hall Wednesday in Ballard to focus on ‘Progressive Tax on Business’ PhinneyWood Homelessness
Labor Advocates Promote Other Worker Events In Addition To May Day Marches KNKX Workers' Rights
Seattle City Council members double down on head tax after Amazon halts development Puget Sound Business Journal Homelessness
Outrage devolves into disrespect at town hall on Seattle's head tax KOMO Homelessness
Seattle City Council members get earful at town hall over homeless camps, employee tax Q13 Homelessness
Amazon halts Seattle construction amid head tax proposal KIRO 7 Homelessness
Seattle councilmember O'Brien faces full-throated anger from crowd at town hall KIRO 7 Homelessness
SeThreat of Amazon construction halt throws proposed Seattle business tax for a loop CHS Capitol Hill Homelessness
Amazon is making head tax all about them MyNorthwest Homelessness
Amazon Halts Downtown Construction Pending City Council Vote on Head Tax Slog Homelessness
The "Seattle Process" went off the rails today SCC Insight Homelessness
Amazon is ending construction projects in Seattle because they're upset about new taxes Circa Homelessness
Businesses in Seattle could pay millions to help city deal with homeless problem Fox News Homelessness
How did we get here? A look back on Seattle’s head-tax plan and Amazon’s response The Seattle Times Homelessness
Fury and frustration erupt over proposed head tax for homelessness services The Seattle Times Homelessness
Is Amazon serious about slowing its Seattle growth? Tech and community leaders weigh in – GeekWire Geekwire Homelessness
Amazon, the Head Tax, and the Waterfront Seattle Met Homelessness
Ballard town hall turns into an angry shoutfest – My Ballard My Ballard Homelessness
Amazon Pauses Development In Downtown Seattle As Council Considers 'Head Tax' KNKX Homelessness
Seattle City Council to delay vote on head tax MyNorthwest Homelessness
Case workers: 'A paycheck away from being homeless themselves' Crosscut Homelessness
Seattle revives controversial business tax to combat homelessness Crosscut Homelessness
Here's the City Council's Proposed Employers Tax Slog Homelessness
Seattle head tax would create 2,000 affordable housing units, council plan claims KING 5 Homelessness
Seattle City Council reveals details of proposed head tax on large employers Puget Sound Business Journal Homelessness
VIDEO: Questions, answers, numbers @ West Seattle Chamber of Commerce homelessness forum West Seattle Blog Homelessness
Revised business tax for housing and homeless services heads to City Council Curbed Seattle Homelessness
OPINION: 1919 Seattle General Strike Exemplified Solidarity South Seattle Emerald Workers' Rights
Seattle City Council members heading to New York City to share Amazon ‘lessons, mistakes’ The Seattle Times Amazon
Seattle officials visit New York with warnings about Amazon: ‘They thought they could bury us’ GeekWire Amazon
Council Members Visit NYC to Warn on Amazon HQ2 Bloomberg Amazon
Seattle will ask state Supreme Court to review ruling that nixed rights for hotel workers The Seattle Times Workers' Rights
States And Cities Have Already Shown Democrats’ Election Reforms Will Work Yahoo Democracy Vouchers
Microsoft pledges $500 million for affordable housing, homelessness in Seattle area KING 5 Homelessness
More People Biking to Work Post Viaduct Closure KIRO-TV Transportation