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Street Address:
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2410
Seattle, WA 98104

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 94729
Seattle, WA 98124-4729

Phone Number:
(206) 233-3801  

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Our Staff  

David G. Jones, CIA, CISA, CGFM
City Auditor
(206) 233-1095

Melissa C. Alderson, CGAP
Assistant City Auditor, Performance Audits
(206) 386-4168

Sarah J. Bland, MCDM
Assistant City Auditor
(206) 615-1446

Logan Drummond, MSW
Office Manager
(206) 233-3801

Claudia Gross Shader, PhD
Research and Evaluation Director 
(206) 684-8038

IB Osuntoki
Assistant City Auditor
(206) 684-8158

Andrew Scoggin
Assistant City Auditor
(206) 684-3584

Marc Stepper, CPA, CFE, CISA
Assistant City Auditor, Utilities Auditor Specialist
(206) 615-0486

Public Records Request   

In the interest of transparency and responsibility to all residents, taxpayers and other constituents, the City of Seattle aims to make the process of obtaining public records as easy as possible. Many public records are readily available on For more information or to make a request, please visit: