Infractions Information

Infractions are non-criminal violations of law. The City Attorney's Office prosecutes infractions that occur within the city limits. These include traffic infractions, animal code infractions, solicitation infractions, and business license infractions. The City Attorney's Office cannot give you legal advice about your infraction. 

In order for the City to provide you with the discovery for your infraction, you will need to follow the rules that govern how and when this must be done.

How to Request Infraction Discovery

Infraction rule 3.1(b) requires that a written demand for discovery be "served on the office of prosecuting authority" and "filed with the court." This demand must be served "at least fourteen days before a contested hearing" in order to be a valid request.

Upon a proper written request, the prosecuting authority is required to provide you within seven days of the hearing date "a copy of the officer's sworn statement and with the names of any witnesses not identified in the citing officer's sworn statement." The City provides multiple ways for you to receive your discovery. These methods include: first-class mail (self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided), pick-up at the office of the City Attorney, or via electronic mail. You will need to select one of these methods. If you choose to receive your materials in person, the date you are called to be informed that the discovery is ready will count as your date of receipt.

In order to request your discovery please do the following:

  1. Mail your written demand for discovery (you may use the form below):
    Seattle City Attorney's Office
    Attn: Infraction Project
    701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2050
    Seattle , WA 98104-7095

    Include the following MANDATORY information:

    • Full name as listed on the citation
    • Citation number and Date of violation
    • Defendant Name
    • Telephone number
    • Your address and email address

  2. File a copy of your request with:
    Discovery Request File Copies
    Seattle Municipal Court
    PO Box 34987
    Seattle, WA 98124-4987
  3. It will be your responsibility to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope or be prepared to receive your discovery at the office of the City Attorney.
  4. If you choose, you can receive the discovery via email. If you wish this to occur, please include a written request to do so with your notice of appearance and/or your written demand for discovery.

View Your Traffic Camera Infraction Video and Picture

You can view your traffic camera infraction video and picture online by logging into the Violation Processing System website below. Enter the Notice Number and Pin Number from your citation where indicated then click the "Login" button.

Your Notice number and Pin number are on the front of your Warning or Notice of Violation, in the upper right or left corner, inside the red box.

How to Find Legal Representation

If you are seeking representation, please read our page on how to find representation.

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