Artists at the Center

Profile shot of a singer pointing with their left hand. She's wearing shades, an off-the-shoulder colorful top, and dangly earrings.
It was wonderful to just focus on making art and not worry about the business aspect of the project. It allowed me to provide more opportunities for the artists at a fair compensation. — Adriana Giordano, EntreMundos Quarteto

Artists at the Center is a multi-year collaboration between Seattle Office of Arts & Culture (ARTS) and Seattle Center, with support from Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition and the communities adjacent to Seattle Center campus. The project is made possible by a 10-year grant from Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Kraken

Join us as we introduce emerging and established artists and celebrate their talent on Seattle Center campus. Artists are given a performance opportunity, allowing them to connect with new audiences, display their talents and advance their careers. Visitors to campus and the surrounding neighborhood benefit from surprising and delightful pop-up performances throughout the year.

Each year, artists are selected with an equity and social justice lens, ensuring equitable representation for underserved and emerging artists. Artistic genres include music, dance, theater, demonstrations, and multi-disciplinary work.

For up to date performance and schedule information, please visit Seattle Center's website.

Community Impact

These are numbers from October, 2021 to May, 2023.

$212K given to artists to date

~500 artists impacted

8,000+ audience members


For Malacarne, the World’s a (Moving) Stage

"Bringing dance into daily life like this is so valuable for the different kind of human experience we now find ourselves in after the lockdowns and fear-based isolation of the last few years. I’d like to see more of it."

— Melody Datz Hansen, NWTheatre

A singer with long hair and a traditional woven hat stands at the mic with palms open upwards. She's wearing silver bangles and a fabric belt with a Native carving pattern.
We brought Indigenous culture through music to people of all backgrounds. It was a great show. — Sondra Cunningham, Khu.éex’

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The Office of Arts & Culture promotes the value of arts and culture in, and of, communities throughout Seattle. It strives to ensure that a wide range of high-quality artistic experiences are available to everyone, encourage artist-friendly arts and cultural policy.