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The City of Seattle protects the public's personal information and provides transparency through publishing of data sets.

The City of Seattle understands the value of personal information and we work to protect the personal information we collect from the public. We are committed to providing greater transparency into our data privacy practices. As part of our deeper commitment to good data practices and data stewardship, the City has created the City of Seattle Privacy Principles and commit to the following when we collect personal data:

  • Minimize Data Collection. Minimizing data means only collecting what is necessary to get done the job at hand.
  • Provide Notice. Clearly communicating about our data collection and use and provide access to our Privacy Statement.
  • Review Obligations. Understanding and follow and legal, contractual, and other obligations.
  • Review Data and Systems Security. Taking steps to secure adequately stored data.
  • Delete or De-identify Data. Follow City data retentions schedules and dispose of data as required.

Data Collection

The City collects information necessary for City departments to provide services to the public, protect the public's health and safety, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

The City also collects information about the usage of our web site and online services. Please see the City's full Privacy Statement, which outlines our commitments about the collection and management of the public's personal information via our online platforms, applications, and other services.

The City of Seattle also strives to be transparent about data with people who live and work in Seattle. On the City of Seattle's Open Data Portal, you can find, analyze, and download data published by City departments.

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Digital Security

The City of Seattle is committed to protecting the public's informational assets and providing essential resources to create an accountable, security-conscious culture. The City's approach is derived from industry best practices and established frameworks such as those from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), which is outlined in our Information System and Security Policy. This framework governs most City systems and processes to secure the public's data, including, but not limited to, emergency response, data classification, and security auditing. To learn more, visit the Digital Security and Risk page.